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About ProcessCARE

Started 8 years ago, ProcessCARE is a well-organized software and web development company. We have a total of 23 team members comprising of software/web developers, graphic designers, and Customers relationship officers. With our three design centers in the United Kingdom, Abuja and Lagos we are able to deliver top-rated enterprise services worldwide.


We at ProcessCARE are flexible, customer friendly, attentive, and professional. To us there is nothing wrong for a customer to be demanding, we believe everyone should get outstanding value for their money. Whether you have very little or broader computer knowledge or you’ve initially made the wrong choice, count on us for all your online business needs. We promise you speedy delivery of project together with prompt and efficient customer service.

Our Proven Strengths

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Why Choose us


Some other reasons

We will always be there to serve you any time you call on us. Most IT companies value business but we value relationship. During the design process we will guide you every step of the way. We have an in-house team (no outsourcing) to deliver project faster very often before the deadline. We will help you update your website/software if you are yet to have in-house IT staff.

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